Senior Citizen Home : Oldage Home & Nursing Home

Senior Citizen Home : Oldage Home & Nursing Home

India Hospital Complex Mele Thampanoor,Thiruvananthapuram-1 Kerala
Thiruvananthapuram, KL
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Welcome to our

Senior Citizen

Oldage Care & Nursing Home

Senior Citizen Home (Old Age Care) is a facility available at India hospital. This facility being attached to the hospital provides following advantage.

Care for elderly bed ridden patients requiring specialized Nursing care

24 hour Resident medical officer to attent to any acute medical needs

Rehabilitation for people post stroke or post orthopedic surgery and other palliative care

Comprehensive Medical Services as per needs can be provided at India Hospital

Senior Citizen Old Age Home With Medical Care

Avoid Rushing sick elderly from other nursing homes for emergencies. We bring you a rarity of old age care and medical attention under same roof.

Senior Citizen Old Age Care is a subsidiary of India hospital, A multi–specialty hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. India hospital has unique Nursing home facility for elderly who needs medical attention also.We provide all comfort of nursing homes with homely touch.

Our Mission

Senior citizen home is driven by our universal mission: To enhance the lives of aging adults with proper care.

Allow the elders to spend their retirement period with satisfaction and peace of mind. With homely atmosphere, the elders never felt that they are away from their home and dear and near.

Changing the Face of Aging

The old face of aging was the fear of getting old.

The new face is hope and promise.​

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