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Mitvi Healthcare Pvt Ltd

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MITVI focuses on the overall well-being of your loved ones. We allow them to live an independent life in their own home with their day-to-day needs taken care enabling the seniors live in a relaxed and stress-free environment. MITVI trying to give a holistic care trying our best to take care of their wellbeing, medical, emergency care, ease of living, social, mobility and safety & security.

Keep your loved ones healthy and fit by opting one of our wellness packages. The packages are designed keeping in mind the needs of our elderly, focusing on maintaining their health and giving them the much needed social/psychological support. Our team of highly trained wellness managers will be in constant touch with the senior members to ensure all the components listed in the packages are seamlessly delivered; just like an extended family member our wellness managers personally take care of all their needs.

MITVI Elderly Care

MITVI package has all the essential services that are required for the well-being of your elderly. Services include:

1. Care Manager in-person visit

2. Doctor in-person consultation

3. Health & Wellness Counselling – in-Person

4. Lab sample collection

5. Medicine Delivery

6. Teleconsultation

MITVI Care Connect

1. Call connect

2. Emotional and psychological assistance

3. Understanding needs for Ease of living


MIVTI Medicare is customised to manage the medical needs of the elderly. The elderly needs special care of their health, they are more prone to ailments than the rest of the population. MITVI understands the need for a trustworthy and organized healthcare. From in-home doctor visits to doorstep pharmaceutical delivery, we got it all covered. We manage the healthcare needs in the comfort of their home. For routines doctor consultations, regular lab checks and tests to monitor their health closely, to medicine delivery MITVI simplified the process and spared the elderly from the tiresome physical travel to doctor, lab, or nearby pharmacy. Our team of highly trained wellness managers will be in constant touch with the senior members to ensure all the services are seamlessly delivered; just like an extended family our wellness managers will personally take care of all their needs.

We also assist elderly in fixing medical appointments at hospitals and accompanying them during their hospital visits. We digitize medications and medical records. We also assist in planning surgeries or operation.


We require a lot of care and consideration when we are down to health issues. Even so, you might not always be able to be accompanied by your loved ones on your hospital visits. MITVI provides bystanders for the patients, who take on the role of a healthcare assistant.

Our caregivers will assist the Elderly with their routine or emergency medical care MITVI offers customized services that enable patients to schedule their appointments with their caregivers. This arrangement will help to keep their health in check, even in the absence of their loved ones. The caregiver will provide patient supervision and assume full accountability for the patient’s health. We give utmost care for ensuring timely medicine and personnel hygeine. With all these issues taken care of by our expert caretakers, the patients might still need some psychological support. For tackling this problem, the caretakers assist them with counseling services.

Out- Patient Assistance:

On-call bystander.

Home-to-home bystander assistance.

Chemotherapy assistance.

Pregnancy check-up assistance.

Dialysis bystander assistance.

In-Patient Assistance:

Patient surveillance

Timely medication administration

Bathe and sponge the patient

Alert the nurse if there is an emergency or if additional assistance is needed.

Counseling services.


MITVI team of emergency support team works round the clock to attend to medical emergencies. MITVI emergency support team will coordinate all resources to handle emergencies, coordinating with the ambulance service and nearest hospital so that the medical emergency is attended to. The emergency will be handled by experts, or if necessary; your loved ones will be taken to the hospital.

We are shortly implementing our mobile application that has a real-time coordination facility and emergency alarm system that helps relatives to get an alert during an emergency. For now, we have in place a real-time coordination facility and emergency response mechanism for taking care of the situation and in providing alerts to family members in case of an emergency.


MITVI Ease of living we makes elderly live a lot easier. With help with daily maintenance and repairs. Our staff makes shopping a better experience by assisting with both online and offline services. Cleaning the house, controlling pests, personal grooming, and even processing and renewing paperwork for the government and utility companies are all services we offer.


A step forward in giving special care to people in need of special attention and make sure that they do not feel your absence by providing social care so that they do not feel lonely. Being alone is the last thing that the elderly wants. Even with access to all the amenities and comfort, they need the presence of their loved ones. Although it is true that nothing can replace the care and attention of their loved ones, we work towards making their lives more social. This allows them to be engaged in certain activities, making them feel less lonely. We engage them in group activities and our event management team will help them organize events


MITVI recognizes the significance of mobility. The opportunity to travel at your leisure gives you a sense of independence. Getting around the neighbourhood is made easy with our local transport assistance. Moreover, we can even assist you with foreign travel documentation.


MITVI does not compromise on customers’ safety and security. We make sure the safety of your residence by implementing safety and security measures. For instance, we conduct a fall prevention audit and suggest home improvements that will help in avoiding unpleasant fall / incidents from happen. Moreover, our roadside assistance can take care of their vehicle and concerns in the sad event that the vehicle is involved in an accident or breakdown.


MITVI understand that it is not always possible for the elderly to travel along with family for long trip / attend distant family gatherings. We provide short term senior living and try our best to give a home like environment. We take care of their accommodation in fully furnished flats and provide food of their choice. We will also keep them engaged with activities.

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