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Akshatha Health Care in Nagarabhavi, Bangalore is a popular center providing Home Nursing Services and old-age care homes in Bangalore. It is a one-stop health care center that provides short-term at-home medical services to both local and other patients living in other parts of Bangalore. Over the span of a year, Akshatha Health Care has been providing satisfactory services to its patients and has become a popular healthcare service provider among its patients. With a team of dedicated professionals, we are continuously growing and, on our path, to achieving the common vision and larger goals of the company.


Short-term home nursing

Wound care

Treating and caring for wounds is crucial for protecting the wounded place from infection. It is also crucial for maintaining the overall health and comfort of the patients.


Our infusion services are designed especially for patients needing intravenous (IV) treatments at home. Our trained and certified healthcare professionals will visit your home.

Stoma Care

Sometimes, parts of the bladder or bowel need to be removed through surgery because of certain medical conditions. In place of the removed portion

Vital Checks

Regular monitoring of blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar level, or cholesterol level is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. People often neglect regularly monitoring.

Post-Surgical Care

Surgery is challenging, and so is post-surgical care. After surgery, if proper care is not taken, there are changes that may cause a person to develop various complexities.


Timely vaccinations are important for leading a healthy life. There can be a number of vaccinations prescribed by your doctor. However most people skip vaccinations due.

Injections Administration and IV infusion/ IM

Administering the safety measures and proper dosage of medication is essential when injecting a person.

Home Blood Sample Collection (Lab Test)

Whether you have a time crunch or your health factors are not permitting you to step out of home for blood tests.

Akshatha Geriatric Care Center

24 Hrs. Medical & Nursing Services

Day or night, medical emergencies can occur anytime. We provide 24/7 medical and nursing services to ensure you get the best of our medical facilities

Oxygen Administrator / Respiratory Care

People might encounter blockage in the respiratory system due to various health conditions occurring mainly in the hearts and lungs.

Mental illness & Disorder Care

We do prioritize physical health but often neglect mental health issues. It is necessary to address mental illness and seek necessary care for such disorders.

Urinary & Catheterization Care

Catheterization care is essential to ensure cleanliness and prevention of urinary infection which may lead to complications and health issues.

Medical Equipment Rental & Sales

Apart from providing medical services, we also sell and rent medical equipment at our clinic. Some patients might not have medical assistance at home.

Home Care

There are many home care services that we provide for our patients at their homes. We ensure that all the services provided by us give our patients a comfortable experience and they yield appropriate results.

Home Nursing Care

Physical ailments and various health conditions require personalized care and attention. Medical assistance and home nursing care services are essential for regular monitoring of health issues and ensuring patients’ overall well-being.

Elder Care

Individuals, as they grow old, have to battle through multiple challenges. From battling through health issues to emotional needs, challenges grow in various forms. Akshatha Health Care understands the challenges faced by individuals during their old age.

Onco Care

Cancer and its frightening effects are not unknown to us. However, together we can stand tall and fight the demons of cancer. Patients can overcome oncological challenges when physical and emotional support is provided to them by professional caregivers.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care refers to taking medical care of aged people’s biological, sociological, and psychological issues. Older adults may require assistance not only physically but psychologically as well. Medical assistance becomes crucial in such circumstances.

Tracheostomy Care

The trachea, commonly known as the windpipe is a part of the respiratory system that helps a person to breathe. Tracheostomy surgery is done to clear nose blockages and initiate regular breathing in a person.Akshatha Healthcare provides tracheostomy care for patients after the surgery.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care is the medical care given to people who are suffering from complex conditions and serious health issues. Akshatha Health Care aims to provide high-quality Palliative Care service that is reliable and comfortable for the patients.

Post-Operative Care

Post-operation, patients require appropriate care and support for faster recovery. Without maintaining hygiene and safety measures, there are chances that patients may be subjected to risks of further complexity after surgery.

Stroke Rehab

Stroke Rehab services are crucial for ensuring faster health recovery. Every individual goes through different phases and needs various coping mechanisms after a stroke. We understand the unique challenges that our patients face and devise customized plans to improve overall health.

Feeding Tube Care

When people are not able to eat food orally, the feeding is done through a tube. The technique is adopted to ensure that an adequate amount of nutrition and water goes into the body so that the body’s minimum intake capacity is fulfilled.

Bed-Ridden / Wound Care

Bed-ridden patients need extra care and attention because they are unable to move. Sometimes, they need more help as they might not be able to move around, go to the washroom by themselves, or fetch the required items according to their needs.

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